Part (IV)

My name is Hought Min. I am the author of Houghtnomics. I am one of those people, who find ultimate life fulfillment in working towards the collective good. I have spent a great deal of my early youth trying to figure out the best way to serve humanity. Ultimately I ended up with the conclusion that working towards alleviating the pain and misery that humanity is experiencing on a very personal level has to be my primary focus. Everything that we are doing at societal level will amount to nothing if we fail to nurture and guide humans at very individual level. My work here is intended to help people overcome their personal challenges and make it easier for them to fight their personal battles. Unless we do something to improve the mental and physical health of the individuals, who make up our families and our human societies, humanity at large can not flourish. In this known universe, there is nothing more capable than a human mind, but the very same human mind can turn into something very destructive if we fail to nurture it. When we get hurt for whatever reason and fail to constructively deal with our pain, we turn into something very evil and very destructive. Most of the problems that humanity is facing at a collective level can easily be traced back to the problems that individuals are facing on a very personal level. The misery and sickness that individuals face at an internal level reflect in the outer world. Whether it’s the school shootings in the West or suicide bombers in the east. All those people were not inherently evil, but they turned into something evil because we as a society failed miserably at extending our love and compassion towards our fellow humans. When billions of people will start destroying their own world with a suicidal will, no singular hero will be able to save this world. A large majority of humanity can’t understand the gravity of these problems. We have this illusion that someone at the top is watching our back, but there is no one up there worrying about us. Most of us are simply looking at each other. I don’t expect everyone to understand. This is why I am reaching out to the people in the way, they can possibly be reached out to. I am teaching them the truth in the language, they are willing to listen. Objectively achieving my goals is more important to me than portraying myself in a certain fashion. There are others like me out there, who have a huge potential to be useful to the rest of humanity. My team members will be reaching out to them for the possibility of aligning our goals with them. Sooner or later, I will come knocking at your door and if I do, please do answer. But if you happen to hear about me, before I hear about you, then feel free to reach out to me with a proposal, where you clearly define your intentions, what you are wishing to achieve, and where you need my help with that. As long as, whatever you are recommending has the possibility to help humanity at large, I am willing to consider it. I am very generous towards people, who I believe have some capacity to work toward the collective good. However, my generosity is limited by the number of resources and time that is available to me. So there is always a possibility that I might reject your proposal, especially if it involves shifting my focus away from whatever project that I am working at the moment. But don’t feel shy to reach out, because you never know, what may come out of it. My current focus is Houghtnomics. All my personal resources are being employed in this direction. Next project: Countries in Asia and Africa are depleting and polluting their groundwater reserves at a very alarming rate. We need a team of hydrologists, who can evaluate the severity of this problem so that we can put pressure on governments to legist laws to preserve and protect our groundwater resources for our future generations. Poorly regulated factories are pouring their wastes directly into the ground and polluting our groundwater resources. If we won’t put end to this madness, then the consequences will be dire. When millions of people in one part of our world won’t even be able to afford clean drinking water, then humanity at large would have to pay the price. Sooner or later, one way or another, it will become your very personal problem. You should be very worried if your neighbor’s house is on fire, because if you won’t do anything about it, sooner or later that fire will reach your home. And if you really look around and open your eyes, you will see that your neighbor’s house is already on fire. Live long and prosperous, Hought Min

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