It all comes down to one fact, how does it feel like to be you?

If it sucks to be you, people will feel repulsed by you and no one would want to be around you. It does not matter, whether you are responsible for your own misery or it’s just your circumstances causing you to feel that way.

No one would want to be your friend and no one would want to date you. That’s just the way things work around here in our human world.

If you frequently experience negative feelings such as irritation, annoyance, anger, frustration, anxiety, and depression, then it’s simply not a pleasant experience for others to be around you.

It’s joyful to be around joyful people and it sucks to be around those, who consistently experience negative feelings. It’s not only laughter that is contagious, all human feelings are contagious. This is why people avoid interacting with those who are miserable.
It makes us happy when we interact with people, who genuinely experience positive feelings. Those full of life people, naturally experience interest, excitement, and enthusiasm for life. They are the ones who everyone finds attractive. They are the ones, whose presence feels like a breath of fresh air.

It really does not matter how pretty you are on the outside. If you are someone who finds everything to be so meh, then other people will not feel drawn toward you, because your spirit is dull and boring.

Now, my friend

I could have sugar-coated my words to avoid sounding so harsh, but that wouldn’t have gotten the message across.

This truth pertains to our human life and is very harsh and hard to digest, but if you are one of those good-hearted people, who believe that other people will like you for being useful or virtuous, then you need to know what’s really going on here.

Lots of people get treated like doormats by others because they think that being useful to other people is the way to get liked, loved, and respected, but that is not true at all.

The truth of the matter is, that you can be wise and kind. You can be someone genuinely aspiring to be more compassionate, but as long as you are feeling unpleasant at the very core of your being, you are not a pleasant person to be around.

Just how you feel repulsed by those, who are always in a foul mood. Other people also feel repulsed by you, when you are in a foul mood. It’s a very instinctive feeling. You can’t force yourself to not feel it.

Most adults in our modern-day world are mildly depressed. They are capable of finding motivation in their sexual, romantic, and money pursuits, but they no longer experience any interest in little things that use to make their everyday life feel so wonderful a long time ago.

Depression is a state of mind, where you can no longer experience joy, motivation, and inspiration. It’s an inability to find anything interesting. Nothing interests you. Nothing appeals to you. Everything feels meh. That is what we call depression. Depression is a complete antithesis of joy. And, it’s not okay to feel that way. It’s not okay to be uninterested.

My friend, Problems are always a part of your life. Life was never easy and it never will be. But there are so many wonderful things that make this life worth living. What’s truly tragic is that you can no longer perceive those wonders of this world.

This world hasn’t changed as much as you think it has changed. This world that you live in is still the same. You are the one who has changed.
In your childhood, so many interesting and wonderful things were just around the corner, but now all those joys are so far-far away.

When you were a little kid, everything around you was interesting to you. Walk-in the park was interesting. The color of the sparky toy was interesting. The boom of the firecrackers was exciting. A small ride on a bike, flying a kite, playing with friends, all of those little things used to bring you immense joy.

There used to be this time when you couldn’t wait to grow up. You were eagerly waiting for the day when you will finally have the freedom to explore this world full of wonders filled with interesting people and objects. But by the time you actually grew up, something unfortunate happened inside you. It happened so slowly that you didn’t even notice it, while it was happening.

The inner spirit that was motivating you, inspiring you, and encouraging you to take interest in things around you and to explore the mysteries hidden in this beautiful world, that spirit died. Now, you look at this same world, it does not bring the same feelings inside you.

Now your life is all about chasing one thing after another. That’s all you could think about. Most grown-ups that I see around got nothing else going on for them besides their constant obsession with money, sex, romance, and their social status. That covers pretty much all the occupations of an adult mind.

It’s very hard for these goal-oriented adult minds to conceptualize an existence, which can perceive this reality with a sense of wonder. These mature adults look at children playing and they can’t wrap their minds around the fact that how could these kids be so excited about their little game for no particular reason. Is it really that much fun? How is it even possible? Are these kids snorting cocaine?

How the heck are these kids so pumped up about life? Don’t they know that life is full of disappointment, tragedies, and suffering?

Well, my friend, these young children are a reminder that life is not as dull and boring as you might feel now in your adult age. You used to feel the same type of excitement for life, but then your worldly pursuits turned into obsessions and you lost your ability to drive genuine joy out of little things that make life worth living.

This world hasn’t run out of things that are worth being excited about. It’s just you, who has lost your interest in it.

Having a zest for life means being able to take interest in the primacy of objects and people. You don’t have any further motive behind your interest. You are interested because you find it interesting. There is nothing more to it. This feeling of interest comes out of your core and when it’s gone, then life feels meh and we become, what we call depressed.

Woods are still dark and mysterious. There are still so many mysteries out there, yet to be unraveled. There is so much unknown left out there yet to be explored. There are still so many colorful pretty fishes in the sea. There are still so many secrets hidden among different cultures. But, it’s all so meh to your mildly depressed adult mind. Where is the profit in that? What’s the point in staring at that dumb fish?

You have become so smart and so practical, that you can’t pursue something with a spirit of fun anymore. When you feel unpleasant and negative, you tend to justify your feelings by shifting the blame to external factors and that’s why you never end up fixing the real problem that lies on the inside.

My friend, You need to understand the significance of feeling healthy at your core. Even if you simply want to advance your career, you still need to work towards improving your core feelings. Being liked or respected by others is a prerequisite for friendship, dating, and getting hired for jobs. You can’t go very far in life as long as you feel uninterested in the beauty of this world.

Nothing is more impressive than your ability to find a genuine interest in life. Nothing is more impressive than having a zest for life. This is the most interesting quality that you can possibly have on your resume.

When we live a dull and boring life, no amount of glitter on our faces can make us look exciting. You can certainly try faking smiles in your selfies, but nothing can replace the beauty of genuine laughter.

It’s easy to hide your gloomy depressing life in filtered photographs on social media, but you can’t hide your true feelings in real life.

Your glorified picture galleries can attract other people for sure, but once they actually meet you in real life, they are going to see whatever is hiding beneath all that glitter. And even if they never find out, there is no fun in living a fake life.

There is no denying the fact that external beauty matters and houghtnomics offers a lot of very useful advice to make you look attractive and beautiful on the outside, but my first priority is to liven up your spirit because of the kind of life you live shows up on your face.

What you feel on the inside always comes out and real life is the one that you should be concerned about.

The first goal of houghtnomics is to bring back the sparkles in your eyes. The goal is to make you smile internally. My goal is to bring back the glow on your face that comes from being truly a joyful and healthy human being.

If you simply follow the instructions given in the first seven chapters of houghtnomics, then you will have enough information at your disposal to improve your health and the overall quality of your life. This new change will eventually start reflecting on your face. This change will start showing up on your skin, in your posture, in your voice, and in your every action.

As soon as you start feeling good at the very core of you, your health, your outlook, your future prospects, your worldview, and your overall sense of wellbeing, all of that will improve as well.

Remember, the biggest favor you can do to yourself and to others around you is that you make your own existence joyful. Because all human feelings are contagious and no one likes being around misery and depression.

It’s better to be a fool who loves life, than being a wise philosopher, who only perceives gloomy depressing aspects of human life.

Live long and prosper,

Hought Min
Hought Min

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